CBO and WAVE Federation

CBO & WAVE Federation

The target communities in the operational areas of Gramalaya especially women are organized into SHGs (Self-Help Groups) and these SHGs were federated at Village-level, Panchayat and Block level.

Other community based organisations which were promoted included SHE – Teams, AWASH Committees and children’s groups, though these were basically targeted for behaviour change communications (BCC). The women federations and the schools were the platform on which the sanitation promotion programme was launched. The federation leaders were trained on mobilising women, linkage with bank and other financial institutions and also in interfacing with local Governments. The communities were facilitated to organise themselves, identify the issues and possible ways of addressing them. The federation leaders led the need assessment process, and they resolved to achieve for all people in the operational areas have equal right to access to safe water, sanitation, health and improved income status without discrimination of caste, class, gender and region.