Community Managed Toilets

Community managed Toilets – a successful initiative

The community toilets constructed under Water Aid-Gramalaya project and by the local authorities in Tiruchi City Corporation are maintained by SHE – Teams (Sanitation and Hygiene Education – Team)/ AWASH Committees formed by the women members of self-help group of the respective slums. The SHE – Team/AWASH looks after the upkeep and maintenance of the Community toilets constructed in their slum. Every user is issued a 50 paise token allowing him/her to use the toilet. A woman from the self-help group collects the money from users and closes the accounts every 12 hours. The accounts contain details on the number of users and money collected. During nights between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m. – a watchman cum token issuer is appointed by the SHE – Team. He is paid Rs. 1200/- p.m. An average of 300 – 600 persons uses a community toilet every 24 hours. 

The money collected is deposited in a nationalised bank in the SHE – Team account every week. At the end of every month, the SHE- Team and particular Women Self-Help Group convene a meeting and detail to members the income and expenditure for a particular community toilet. The balance – after meeting various expenses including salaries and purchase of cleaning material like bleaching powder, soaps and phenol etc. Is kept in the bank account. The amount saved every month is pooled as a common fund for the particular slum towards health and sanitation related promotional activities including extension of street taps, construction of domestic drains, garbage bins and provision of street lights. Currently, there are 126 community toilets are maintained by different CBOs and NGOs under pay and use system with the support of Tiruchirappalli City Corporation.