Comprehensive WASHMAN Program- Bank of America

Comprehensive WASHMAN approach in Pudukottai district

Gramalaya in association with Bank of America has selected Pudukottai District in Tamil Nadu for a Comprehensive WASH, MHM and Nutrition program to be implemented for a period of one year during 2020 -2021. The District was selected based on the socio-economic conditions in the project area and mainly one of the most backward District in the State. The operational areas include remote villages, coastal regions, hilly and drought prone areas.

Under this CSR Initiative, 750 SMART household toilets (toilets with bathroom designed and introduced by Gramalaya ) will be constructed in the villages with households less than 10% toilet coverage. Hygiene education coupled with menstrual hygiene management and nutrition awareness education will be provided in the villages through the CBOs capacity building and training program. The adolescent girls and women will be imparted with menstrual hygiene education and encouraged to use eco-friendly reusable cloth pads through social marketing to the communities by the trained health educators form Gramalaya. The girls who are studying in the schools of Pudukottai District will be provided MHM education through the interactive sessions and IEC materials designed by Gramalaya.

The objective is to make a greater number of menstruating women and adolescent girls to use eco-friendly menstrual products like reusable cloth pads and make Pudukottai District as India’s MHM role model District in India. Gramalaya will support Ensuring ODF++ status by closely working with the SBM – Gramin team of the Directorate of Pudukottai District.

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