Drivathon for Swachh India

Drivathon for Swachh India - Driving 2 Crore feet to build 1 Crore toilets

(From Tiruchirappalli – Bangalore – Hyderabad – Wardha – Nagpur – Allahabad – Varanasi- Patna- Ranchi – Bhuvaneshwar- Visakhapatnam – Rajamundhry – Vijayawada – Chennai – Tiruchirappalli covering 6,021 Kilometres in 10 States)

Rivers covered Kaveri – Narmada – Ganga – Yamuna and Godavari

As a part of Big-Clean Up India Campaign – Gramalaya’s National Commitment to Making India Open Defecation (OD) Free!

Meeting the Goal of Swachh Bharath Abhiyan of the Government of India You can contribute to this nation building program.

One Goal – 10 million toilets – Impacting 5 Crore lives by 2019.

As a part of Big Clean-Up India Campaign, Gramalaya has organised a drivathon for creating public awareness on toilet habits and preventing open defecation in the country to supplement the efforts of Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) of Government of India. Under SBM, the central Government plans for 111 million toilets in India in the rural areas wherein the households without sanitation would be covered with the incentive of Rs.12,000/- per family. The incentive will be used for providing cost effective toilet models in the rural areas for the eligible families through the State Government Departments.

To supplement the efforts of SBM, Gramalaya based on its 30 years of experience in the sanitation sector, planned to cover 10 States including five Southern States of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Pondicherry, the union territory. In addition to the above States, five more States in the northern part of India will be covered under the Big Cleanup Campaign which include Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkand, Odisha and Bihar. It was planned to reach 10 million households in the 10 priority States with sustainable sanitation solutions and thereby preventing open defecation in the target areas. With the tripartite agreement with Arghyam, State Governments sponsored PVP – Pudhu Vazhvu Project and Gramalaya, technical assistance for providing 25 lakhs household toilets in Tamil Nadu State planned as a part of Swachh Bharat Mission program. Similarly, with the World Bank sponsored Jeevika program in Bihar State, Gramalaya has been invited to provide technical support and capacity building support in Bihar State for rural sanitation program. Through this campaign, Gramalaya could able to mobilise Rs.4 crores for providing bath attached toilets with provision of incinerators for safe disposal of used sanitary napkins in Telangana State with CSR funds and in the Pondicherry State.

As a part of Big-Clean Up India Campaign – Gramalaya’s National Commitment to Making India Open Defecation (OD) Free!

In the 10 States covered under the Drivathon, meeting with donor organizations, networking of NGOs interested in sanitation and corporates including the panchayat presidents and elected representatives to assess the existing sanitation status and work for the potential long term partnerships in promoting sanitation facilities were planned. The five member team consisting of senior management professionals (S.Damodaran, Founder, Gramalaya, S.Mohammed Sheriff, Director -Monitoring, Sampath Raj- Advocacy Manager, N.Selvan- State Co-ordinator for Tamil Nadu and Mr.A.Gnansekharan, National Co-ordinator of Gramalaya) were participated in the derivation and visited the urban, rural and tribal areas of the 10 States. In Bihar, the team met the Chief Executive Officer of Jeevika program Mr.Balamurugan, IAS and Wold Bank consultants working for sanitation promotion in the State. The team also visited the Districts like Bihar Sheriff, Nalanda District, Muzafferpur District and Sitamarhi areas and met the communities, NGOs and panchayat representatives. The visit was made to understand the socio-cultural aspects, economic and geographical aspects of the State for promoting sanitation coverage in terms of technical assistance, capacity building and hygiene education materials. The team also made a visit to the pilgrim sites including Varanasi, Allahabad and Nalanda. The team educated the communities in these areas with slogans, pamphlets distributions and by conducting meeting with the communities and local officials. Important river confluences like Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada and Godavari water basins were visited by the team.

It is currently associated with the National Institute of Water and Sanitation which is an approved Key Resource Centre by the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation, Government of India. Gramalaya was involved in the construction of cost effective toilet models with the support of Government of India’s sponsored CRSP, TSC and Nirmal Bharath Abhiyan programs for the past 25 years. It has promoted more than 1,84,000 toilets with various donor organizations like WaterAid, Water.org, Unicef and Arghyam in Tamil Nadu. It has also introduced the concept of Microfinance for sanitation for the first time in India and successfully scaled up microfinance for toilet constructions through the Guardian MFI (Micro financial institution) where loans are provided to the families for construction of household toilets without expecting the incentive/subsidy from government, people have come forwarded to construct toilets.

Based on its 25 years of experience in sanitation programs, Gramalaya would like to contribute making India an open defecation free country. A dedicated team of experienced staff have chalked out a plan to reach the above target by partnering with like-minded organizations in India. The program aims to provide training and capacity building support to other NGOs/MFIs in reaching the 10 million toilets target by expanding Gramalaya’s operational area to more than 10 States covering 100 Districts supported by the Government of India’s Swachch Bharath Abhiyan, national and international donors and with Corporate CSR Initiatives. To achieve this huge target, Gramalaya needs 10,000 Souchalaya Volunteers in 100 Districts throughout India. The 10,000 Souchalaya Volunteers would be attached to 100 dedicated NGOs who would be capacitated by Gramalaya on various toilet models suitable for different terrain. The Toilet Type designs to be selected for this program would be appropriate, affordable and acceptable to users. Gramalaya would provide Technical, Financial and professional support to selected NGOs in accelerating the toilet construction in their respective operational areas. By enabling its partners as stakeholders through access to information, access to finance and access to technology, Gramalaya would ensure that this program achieves its goal. The NGOs to be selected would be provided with technological input, planning, executing and monitoring skills in sanitation promotion activities through training and capacity building, exposure visits and practical demonstrations. Different strategies are being worked out by Gramalaya wherein the NGOs would be attached to the Swachch Bharath program in their respective States and also to financial institutions including Microfinance Institutions to achieve sanitation targets.

Gramalaya is inviting Alliance for Strategic Partnership from interested organizations, CSR wing of Companies, donors, State and Central Government Departments working in the sanitation sector.

For more details, please contact : National Director – The Big-Clean-up India Campaign
S.Damodaran, Founder, Gramalaya, Tiruchirappalli

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