Sanitation facilities for marginalized communities- Ford

Provision of Sanitation facilities including Menstrual Hygiene Management ( MHM ) enabling them to have  a dignified life for 75 families for marginalized communities.

Gramalaya in collaboration with Bill Ford has implemented Sustainable Sanitation through Household Sanitation Program from 1st October 2017 in 3 villages namely Kumili, Kalvai and Kannivaakam villages in Kattankulathur Block, Kancheepuram District in Tamil Nadu with aim of construction of  300 Household Toilets – Bathroom Attached with incinerator namely SMART toilets with the support of Bill Ford, under Bill Ford Challenge Project to construct 300 toilets.  All toilets have been built with community participation.  One of the villages, namely Kumili- Mettupalayam has been declared as Open Defecation Free (ODF) where the community people who has availed house patta, road facility, electricity etc., due to having Toilets facilities supported by Ford.

Making the villages with clean environment and motivating the community members with good hygiene behaviours and toilet habits will enable the villages ODF.  By constructing Individual household Toilets ( IHHLs) would enable the poor to use toilets.  Presently, the target communities including women and adolescent girls use bushes  / road side foropen  defecation and polluting the entire areas of the village.  The villages namely Mel Kalvai and Othivakkam villages have been selected for execution of this project.  The people are irular communities ( STs ) and SCs who are neglected by the others in their areas.  In order to saturate the sanitation coverage, the active participation of the communities concerned and different stakeholders in the project areas would be ensured by Gramalaya.