Goodwill Ambassador

Gramalaya for MHM Promotion in India

Oscar Award Winner Ms.Suman was appointed as the Goodwill Ambassador

Ms.Suman as a promoter of MHM practices in India associating with Gramalaya during the past one year period and actively engaged now as a Honorary Goodwill Ambassador. 

Gramalaya’s education on Nutrition and Menstrual Hygiene Management change the mindset of women and girls and put an end to the myths and misconceptions of prevailing over periods.  Oscar award winner Ms. Suman from Hapur, a remote village of Uttar Pradesh acted in a short film on Menstruation “ Period. End of Sentence.” is appointed as the Brand Ambassador for Gramalaya’s Menstrual Hygiene Management programs on this MHM Day 2020.

Gramalaya has taken up the WASHMAN Comprehensive Approach program supported by Bank of America in Pudukottai district to transform the  District as a model District by making every women and adolescent girls aware of good menstrual hygiene messages and toilet habits.  Pudukottai, a backward District in Tamil Nadu both on economic and health aspects given much attention by Gramalaya in promoting Sustainable Sanitation, MHM and Nutrition awareness by engaging trained Health Educators and empowered Block Co-ordinators.      The main objectives of the project are making role model villages by promoting SMART Toilets in the selected villages where sanitation coverage is adequately done and motivate menstruating women and adolescent girls to use reusable cloth pads which are eco-friendly through social marketing concept so that the  village environmental sanitation would not be affected by the use and throw commercial sanitary napkins posing environmental threat, polluting the water sources and as garbage menace where disposal is a problem.   Gramalaya has aimed to cover all the 4062 habitations in the 499 village panchayats by which 4 lakh women and adolescent girls will be directly given education on MHM and Nutrition. Gramalaya will provide 750 SMART toilets in selected panchayats and also to work on the 5 Pillars of Sanitation (WASHMAN concept – Water, Sanitation, Personal Hygiene, MHM and Nutrition).