Kerala Flood Recovery

Projects of Gramalaya

Kerala Flood Recovery Project supported by UNICEF

The Kerala Flood Recovery and early response project commenced in 5 flood affected Districts in the State. The SOP for cleaning and disinfection of dug wells and toilets with septic tanks damaged by flood and retrofitting worked out by Gramalaya.

Gramalaya has been working int the five flood affected areas of Kerala covering Wayanad, Thirussur, Ernakulam, Pathanamthitta and Alleppey with the financial support of Unicef, Chennai. Under this program, identification of flood affected wells and damaged sanitary latrines are identified in order to get the dug wells meant for drinking and domestic purpose to be cleaned and make the water potable. The existing damaged toilets affected by flood are being taken up for renovation and make it functional adhering to the standard specifications. The rapid survey conducted by Gramalaya with the support of consultants from UNICEF revealed that there is an urgent need for working in the State particularly in the flood affected areas to work for promoting sustainable water and sanitation technologies with the technical guidance from UNICEF, Chennai. An workshop would be conducted separately for the senior officials in the flood affected areas and at the officials working at the field-level to share the knowledge and experience gained at the field-level to make every water and sanitation structures workable and environmentally feasible. The IEC Materials to be designed and developed exclusively for the pre and post flood affected scenario, would be rolled out with the consultation of the Unicef officials so that the affected communities would learn simple water and sanitation technologies to get clear water and sanitary latrines with hygiene messages reached and practiced for long lasting behaviour changes.