Ramco Cements

Irunghalakuruchi colony is having 76 households and around 300 residents. Most of them are scheduled cast, uneducated and labourers in cement factory (men) and agriculture coolies (women). Dairy farming is also an additional source of income for them. Most of the children are studying in Govt. Primary school situated in their village. Before the intervention of Gramalaya and Ramco cements only 2 toilets are available in this village. Remaining all are using road sides, bushes and hidable places for defecation. Currently 70 houses are using toilets which are constructed by Gramalaya with the financial support of Ramco cements. Remaining toilets constructions are under process. These 70 toilets converted more than 250 members from defecating in open places to using toilet. Apart from this, these people also learned Hand washing, menstrual hygiene management, nutrition and personal hygiene management. This community change project is implemented by Gramalaya with the financial support of Ramco Cements, Alathiyur Unit as a part of their CSR initiatives. This small hamlet now became “Swachch Chhota gaanv”.