Retrofitting of Community toilets supported by HT Parekh Foundation

Retrofitting of 95 Community Toilets supported by HT Parekh foundation

Sustainable Clean City Initiatives of Tiruchirappalli City through renovation of Community Toilets and Integrated Sanitary Complexes supported by HT Parekh Foundation for a period of one year from 1 st December 2019 to 30th November 2020 at 65 Wards of TCC.


i) To renovate the existing 95 damaged Community Toilets and Integrated Sanitary Complexes in the 65 wards of Tiruchirappalli City for sustainable Community ODF – Open Defecation Free

ii) To ensure collaboration with Tiruchirappalli City Corporation for Clean City Initiatives with the support of WAVE – SHE Team

iii) To work for clean city award under Swachh Survekhsan program 2020 involving different stakeholders like City Corporation, Civil Society Organizations, Community Based Organizations etc., 

iv) To enable the SHE team (Sanitation, Hygiene, Education Team) for proper Maintenance and Operation of Community Toilets ( CTs).

Health Education
Gramalaya – HT Parekh Foundation has appointed the experienced Health educators to educate the women SHGs, slum dwellers, SHE Team at the Community Level of Tiruchirappalli City Corporation. The Technical Officers e the grass root level staff who provide both technical inputs to the vendors, masons, slum dwellers, etc. 

Hardware support – Retrofitting of 95 CTs

As against the target of 95 CTs, Gramalaya has initiated the Renovation of 75 CTs at Tiruchirappalli City Corporation. The renovation includes both sub structure of the Toilets which includes Septic Tank, or Under Ground Drainage with Junction Chamber system for ensuring safe disposal of Waste Water – Fecal Sludge management appropriately. Relating to Super Structure includes the damaged Water Closet, Doors, Floors, Steps, Pipelines, Over Head Tanks, Sewer lines, Water connection, Taps fitting, Painting, etc., are undertaken by the vendor

Retrofitting of a community toilet