Impact story- A school going girl, Provides sanitation facilities to her entire village!

Impact story- A school going girl, Provides sanitation facilities to her entire village!

Jayalakshmi, a school going girl from Aadhanakottai, a remote village of Pudukottai district got the opportunity to visit NASA by passing an online examination. But she was struggling to meet the expenses due to the financial circumstances. She’s is the sole bread-winner of her entire family and she meet the educational expenses and medical expenses of her mother by processing and selling cashew-nuts, which is abundant in her village, Aadhanakottai.

At this time Gramalaya approached her and supported her with the help of ONGC, Karaikal. Mr. Sairam Damodaran, Founder, Gramalaya and his team made a visit to her village to appreciate her sincere efforts. While visiting her home, it was found that her home as well as the entire village is lacking basic sanitation facilities.

Surprising the team, Jayalakshmi requested the team to provide toilet facilities to her village as they are defecating in open. The team accepted her request with pleasure. After surveying the entire village about their knowledge, attitude and practice in using toilets, handling drinking water, maintaining personal hygiene, menstrual hygiene management and awareness about nutrition, Gramalaya conducted a PRA (participatory rural appraisal) program at the village.

As a result they assessed the needs of the village and planned to provide sanitation facilities to the entire village coupled with health education with the Support of Bank of America, under CSR Initiative.

While the toilet construction process is going on, the health educators from Gramalaya educated the people about importance of Sanitation and menstrual hygiene with the help of IEC (Information, Education and Communication) materials. Also as a part of protecting environment, reusable cloth menstrual pads are promoted among the women and adolescent girls in the village and they switched to an eco-friendly as well as a healthy alternative for their monthly cycle which was a nightmare before.

Within a period of 3 months, construction process was completed with the contribution and support of people. Now Jayalakshmi and her whole village got access to sanitation facilities indifference of their financial status and they are living a safe and hassle free Lifestyle.

Soon Jayalakshmi will visit NASA and fulfill her dream with the satisfaction of fulfilling the dream of her village!

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