Case Studies

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A school going girl, Provides sanitation facilities to her entire village!

Jayalakshmi, a school going girl from Aadhanakottai, a remote village of Pudukottai district got the opportunity to visit NASA by passing an online examination. But she was struggling to meet the expenses due to the financial circumstances.

CAWST's Case study about Gramalaya

CAWST's Latrine Program Implementation Case Studies give detailed overviews of different latrine programs implemented by Gramalaya which addressed the seven components of latrines programs, and what challenges faced with Question and Answers.

A market led, evidence based, approach to rural sanitation

By Arpit Shah, Jithamithra Thathachari, Rishi Agarwal and Ashish Karamchandani

This white paper was prepared by Monitor Inclusive Markets on behalf of The Bill& Melinda Gates Foundation

Rural Empowerment

Gramalaya, an NGO that works on water, sanitation and women's issues in and around Trichy, has been instrumental in creating model villages by involving local communities. HARINI SRIRAM finds out more about how this organisation has impacted the lives of people living in these areas…

Towards Cleaner and Healthier Cities - Accelerating City to City Exchange on Sustainable Sanitation

Benefits of SuSan for poverty alleviation,health and economic development.

Presentation by
S.Damodaran, Founder, Gramalaya - Tiruchirappalli.
May 7th & 8th, 2013 at The Park Hotel,
Parliament Street, New Delhi

Tiruchirapalli Municipal Corporation

Gramalaya & Trichy City Corporation

Tiruchirappalli Shows the Way

National Urban Water Awards

National level workshop on appropriate toilet technologies

Women in Urban Slums Steering Innovative Management of Hygiene

Tamil Nadu: eco-san toilet promoter Sridharan

Children and WaterAid