Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Management – Thottiyam Town Panchayat

The solid waste management project and the plastic recycling unit established by the Thottiyam Town panchayat in Tiruchirappalli District of Tamil Nadu is one of the viable models where the organic wastes are converted as vermi-compost. The vermi-compost produced at this compost yard is purchased by the local farmers for banana cultivation and paddy fields. The one acre compost yard is housing vermi-compost sheds, waste storage structures, dumping yard for natural decompose with a recreation centre.

The wastes are segregated and categorized by using different bins by the local residents which would be later handed over to waste retrievers who come with tri-cycles in the morning hours. At the disposal yard, the wastes are primarily segregated as organic wastes which include rotten vegetables, leaves etc., Inorganic wastes and non-biodegradable items like plastic wastes are separated and sent to plastic recycling unit.

Solid Waste Management – Thottiyam Town Panchayat Manure is prepared from the degradable wastes by composting using aerobic method. The manure prepared here is having good demand from local farmers. There is a separate unit for plastic recycling run by Nanal SHG, a local women self-help group where the waste plastic bags are recycled and converted as commercial products like electrical junction box, T joints and the plastic pellets are sold for outside agencies for making other allied products. With the funding support of WaterAid, UK, Gramalaya is supporting this venture through monetary support for construction of vermi-compost sheds, purchasing of tri-cycles, dust bins and community mobilisation for waste separation at source. The increased awareness among the communities through IEC input and campaign by Gramalaya resulted in active people’s participation and contribution towards maintenance of this innovative project. The project is appreciated by the high officials from Government of Tamil Nadu and visitors from national and international organisations. Gramalaya is encouraging other Municipalities and town panchayats to replicate this model in their region with technical and other support services.