Toilet Titan Award to S.Damodaran, CEO, Gramalaya

India To-day Safaigiri Awards 2017

Gramalaya Tiruchirappalli

Gramalaya was established in 1987 with a group of committed youths in the field of rural development.  Gramalaya has been working in the Sanitation sector for more than three decades with national-level presence supported by Government, donors and corporate groups under CSR initiatives having successfully demonstrated models in the field of water, sanitation, and hygiene with various demographic conditions covering rural, urban, coastal and tribal areas. The ultimate goal of Gramalaya is to work for the amelioration of socially downtrodden people under the integrated rural development approach. 

Gramalaya Training Center- National Institute for Water and Sanitation (NIWAS)

Our Vision

Gramalaya envisions a society in which all people will have equal rights and access to protected water, sanitation, health and improved income status without gender discrimination.

Our Mission

Gramalaya is an NGO dedicated to promote water, sanitation, hygiene and overall improvement of the rural, urban, coastal and tribal population in India whereby the empowerment of marginalized communities especially the women and children is ensured.

Our Core Values

Emancipation through Entrustment, Entitlement and Empowerment. We ensure that all our projects reflect the above core values that encourage people to be emancipated from the cycle of poverty and deprivation through participation. 

Our Milestones

India's first 100% Open Defecation Free slum (2002)

Gramalaya played an active role in declaring India’s first slum Kalmandhai as open defecation free (ODF) slum in Tiruchirappalli City Corporation in the year 2002 followed by 168 slums as ODF announced with the support of Trichy City Corporation and donor agencies. 

India's first 100% Open Defecation Free village (2003)

Gramalaya is instrumental in declaring Thandavampatti village in Tiruchirappalli District as India’s first open defecation (OD) free village in 2003. Thandavampatti-araichhi village in Thathiangarpet block of Trichy district became the first rural habitation in India to totally prevent open defecation.

India's first 100% cloth pads using village (2019)

Gramalaya declared ATK Nagar of Pudukottai District India’s first village where 100% of the menstruating women and adolescent girls are using reusable cloth pads as a part of menstrual hygiene practices as a result of the  menstrual hygiene education by Gramalaya.

The Toilet Man

It is a sin if one’s faeces exposed to others, spreading disease, creating discomfort and polluting the environment.

-S. Damodaran,
Founder, Gramalaya

Gramalaya is an approved Key Resource Centre of the Ministry of Jalshakti, Government of India

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