About Gramalaya

Gramalaya have successfully demonstrated models in the field of water, sanitation, and hygiene with various demographic conditions covering rural, urban, coastal and tribal areas. Health and hygiene education, promotion of Self-help Groups among rural, urban and tribal women, construction of low-cost latrines are the major activities of Gramalaya.

Gramalaya has promoted more than 6,00,000 individual household toilets in India by closely Working with State Governments like  Puducherry and SBM of different Districts. By working with SBM program and CSR initiatives, Gramalaya is instrumental in declaring Several villages and slums in urban areas as open defecation free zones. 

During the last six Years, Gramalaya has delivered a noteworthy attempt in declaring 5 villages including two town Panchayat wards as 100% cloth pads using women and adolescent girls and ODF zones. More than 5,00,000 reusable cloth pads are distributed by Gramalaya through social marketing in India and prevent water, land and environment pollution by stopping single use sanitary pads made with hazardous chemicals among the intervention communities. Gramalaya has been promoting MHM among adolescent girls studying in schools by promoting reusable cloth pads, adolescent girls’ friendly toilet complexes with hand washing station and conducting MHM education sessions in the schools.

The MHM concept developed by Gramalaya is being recommended for case study and replication by other institutions across the country. So far, Gramalaya has imparted MHM Education among 5,43,000 women and girls studying in schools in the rural and urban areas. With the rich experience in the space of WASH, MHM and Nutrition.

Gramalaya has also conducted India’s first of Menstrual Hygiene Management Summit, in New Delhi (2019), where 180 plus delegates including 46 speakers, and other stakeholders and Supporters of Menstrual Hygiene Management Movement participated. The first largest MHM India Summit resulted in more likeminded organizations joining in the MHM Campaign with a Networking concept and making MHM a people’s movement in the country. Every day these Organizations are sharing successful stories, events and campaigns from different parts of the Country.

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Gramalaya Mr S.Damodaran is having more than 33 years of experience in the water and sanitation sector, rural and urban development. He is guided by the Board members who include Mr Manamedu Gurunathan, President of India Awardee, Mr S.Senthil Velan, Ex. service man, served in the Indian Army for more than 16 years, Mrs T.Valarmathi, Social Worker, Mrs T.Navaneedham, Retired School Principal, Mrs D.Jothi, and Social Worker. He is supported by the senior team members like Mrs J.Geetha, WASH Leader for Women India, WSSCC, Mr M Elangovan, Executive Director, Gramalaya and team of retired Government Officials.

» Gramalaya, so far has trained more than 100 NGOs and MFIs all over India and NGOs from abroad.

» Representatives of NGOs, Government and Visitors from abroad and within India getting trained by Gramalaya on toilet technologies and hygiene promotion works.