TRANSIT - Transparency in Accounting, Networking System, Information and Technology

TRANSIT is a training and technical support provided by the finance department functioning at Gramalaya. Gramalaya is maintaining transparency in all its programmes including the finance, administration, project works completed to its stakeholders and other interested agencies associated. To achieve this, Gramalaya maintains transparency in its projects where accountability to the communities, donors and concerned authorities is ensured. The accounting system of Gramalaya strengthened so to provide up-to-date information to the people at all levels of management including senior staffs at the top-level and to the grassroot-level workers.

The financial information and project achievements are shared to the staff involved in every project at the Project Management Committee (PMC) meetings. The respective accountants of the projects will attend the PMC meeting to share the expenses involved in every project including the budget variance analysis. Important decisions are taken in the PMC meeting where approvals are provided and ratified by the management later.

The information shared in the project management committee meetings are circulated every month through PMC minutes. Printed annual reports and audited statement of accounts are shared among the stakeholders including at the project advisory committees formed for every project at the operational areas. Gramalaya has introduced different accounting systems and procedures as a part of financial monitoring and internal control system.. Gramalaya is managing both finance and projects based on the operational policy guidelines and sector policy guidelines documents prepared by the management using experts in the relevant field. Gramalaya is willing to provide capacity building training to any interested organizations working in the development sector on consultancy basis through its dedicated and experienced staff in finance and administration. Gramalaya is extending training support both for manual system of accounting and computerized system of accounting for the voluntary sector people.